Alcazar Seville Game of Thrones Shooting Locations

Alcazar Seville Game of Thrones Shooting Locations

The Alcazar of Seville, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the most mesmerizing palaces in Spain. 

This 700-year-old Moorish palace is an architectural wonder with its intricately carved stonework, tranquil gardens dotted with fountains, and myth-shrouded baths. 

No wonder the makers of Game of Thrones chose it to depict the alluring Water Gardens of Dorne and parts of the Red Keep at King’s Landing.

Several pivotal GoT scenes have been filmed across Alcazar, especially in its iconic Hall of Ambassadors, Mercury Pond, Baths of Maria de Padilla, and the Royal Gardens. 

Whether you want to revisit these iconic GoT moments or admire the palace’s timeless beauty, read on to take an immersive tour of the Alcazar through the eye of GoT.

The Majestic Hall of Ambassadors

Majestic Hall of Ambassadors Royal alcazar
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The Hall of Ambassadors marks one of the most memorable Thrones scenes filmed in the Alcazar of Seville in Season 5 Episode 9. 

This is where Prince Doran Martell granted the audience to Jaime Lannister and discussed Myrcella’s return to King’s Landing.

The Hall instantly transports you to Dorne’s lavish throne rooms and water gardens with its splendid woodwork, intricately patterned ceilings, and fine arches. 

Spend a few moments taking in the regal interiors that set the perfect scene for the tense Lannister-Martell encounter.

Fun fact – only a few enhancements, like Lannister banners and props, were added by the GoT team here. 

For the most part, this 14th-century majestic chamber required barely any set revisions to play its role.

The Quaint Mercury Pond

Quaint Mercury Pond
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While the Mercury Pond served merely as a backdrop in GoT Season 5 Episode 2, its arresting beauty will surely catch your eye. 

Housed under a small, picturesque pavilion, this pond features a 1576 bronze statue of Mercury. 

Surrounding frescoes and stonework further accentuate its old-world charm.

Remember when Ellaria Sand met Prince Doran here to discuss threats against Myrcella? 

The play of light and shadows across the pond makes for an atmosphere thick with tension and secrecy. 

Treat yourself to some quiet moments by this pond on your Alcazar tour before heading over to the next GoT spot.

The Baths of Maria de Padilla

Baths of Maria de Padilla
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Shrouded in history and legend, the 12th-century Baths of Maria de Padilla is one of the most intriguing Game of Thrones Seville filming sites. 

This is where the Sand Snakes plotted Mycrella’s murder in Season 5, Episode 6.

As you descend into its damp, dimly lit recesses, their whispers seem to echo through its high stone arches. 

Local lore has it that King Pedro’s mistress-turned-queen Maria de Padilla often retreated to these baths seeking solace, giving them their evocative name.

Take in the play of light filtered through stone grilles above that sets the mood for clandestine meetings or escape the summer heat in its cool interiors. 

As you leave, the reflection of arches in pools of collected water makes you want to linger just a little longer.

The Sprawling Royal Gardens

Sprawling Royal Gardens
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No Game of Thrones Alcazar tour is complete without an extensive stroll through its magnificent royal gardens. 

Be it Prince Oberyn Martell’s plotting against the Lannisters or Jaime’s tense confrontations, the gardens played host to GoT moments across Seasons 5 and 6.

As you walk past the fountains, flower beds, citrus trees, and hedged pavilions, it’s easy to envision all the romance, scheming and fights that happened there. 

Fun fact – while the layout strongly reflects Moorish aesthetics with water channels lining pathways, the oldest components date back to the 12th century Almohads dynasty.

Ensure you see key highlights like the Galeria de Grotesco, the Almohads Palace,  Avenida de las Damas, and the iconic Lion’s Fountain.

Beyond Alcazar: Other Noteworthy GoT Locations in Seville

beyond Alcazar Other Noteworthy
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While Alcazar remains the crown jewel, Seville has other fascinating Game of Thrones filming locations that should feature on every diehard fan’s itinerary.

Here are some other locations near Alcazar you visit to see the GoT shooting locations. 

The Eerie Seville Shipyards

The Seville shipways were seen in the 7th season as ominous dungeons and crypts beneath the Red Keep. 

Part of a medieval wooden shipbuilding complex dating back 2000 years, sections of the Seville shipyard ruins were almost too perfect for the scene. 

This is where Cersei’s meeting with Tycho Nestoris and the zombie dragon reveal unfolded, setting up pivotal plot points for the season finale.

Sections of intricately carved wooden gateways, brick archways, and deteriorating staircases chronicle its centuries-old legacy.

While entry is currently restricted, you can still glimpse façade details like the Gothic entrance arch from outside.

The Spectacular Plaza de España

Spectacular Plaza de España
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Built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, the magnificent Plaza de España will captivate you with its intriguing beauty. 

While it served as a picturesque backdrop in Episode 8, Season 7, the visual spectacle it offers is reason enough to schedule a visit. 

Strolling around the plaza lets you take in intricate brick and ceramic work, painted frescoes, stone carvings, ironwork, and more. 

As you leave, pay attention to exquisite forged ironwork details on gates and lamp posts that take cues from natural motifs like leaves, flowers, and shells.

This architecture is the guiding force behind Spanish Baroque design.

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