Alcazar Seville Entrance

Alcazar Seville Entrance

Lying in the heart of the historic city of Seville, the iconic Royal Alcazar of Seville is a major attraction. 

Nestled between the Guadalquivir River and the Cathedral of Seville, the Alcazar is a must-visit spot in the city. 

The two Alcazar Seville entrances are Puerta del Leon (Lion’s Gate Entrance) and Puerta Alcoba.

1- Purta del Leon | 2 – Sala de la Justicia y patio del Yeso | 3 – Patio de la Monteria | 4 – Cuarto del Almirante y Casa de Contratacion | 5 – Palacio mudejar o de Pedro I |
6 – Palacio gotico (blue) | 7 – Estanque de Mercurio | 8 – Jardines | 9 – Apeadero | 10 – Patio de Bandera

Puerta del Leon (the Lion’s Gate Entrance) 

Named after the emblem of a lion carrying a cross above the door, this is the main entrance of the Alcazar.

This Alcazar Seville entrance lies at Plaza Virgen de Los Reyes.

It is opposite the famous Seville Cathedral. 

The Lion’s entrance is open daily from 9.30 am to 5 pm. 

Visitors can reach this entrance via metro line L1 or tram line T1 to Puerta Jerez Station or bus numbers 03, 05, 21, 40, 21, A2 and C3.

Puerta Alcoba

Located on the opposite end of the Seville Alcazar, this gate is not used for regular visitors.

Puerta Alcoba is open only during special occasions, events, and concerts.  

This Alcazar Seville entrance lies on the corner of Avenue de Menendez Pelayo. 

Visitors can take bus routes 5, 21, 34, A1, A3, A4 and C4 to reach this entrance. 

Regardless of the ticket type, all visitors generally enter from the Lion’s Gate entrance. 

The lines at the gate could be very long during the peak season. 

Hence, a skip-the-line ticket is the best option to escape the crowd and enjoy an uninterrupted visit. 

Which Alcazar Seville entrance should you choose?

Out of the two entrances, only Lion’s Gate is open to tourists.

It is located on the east side of the palace, opposite the Seville Cathedral.

Queues at the entrance of Royal Alcazar of Seville

The average wait time at the Alcazar of Seville entrance is 1 to 1.5 hours.

There are various lines based on the tickets the visitors carry.

Visitors who have not purchased their tickets before visiting fall into the biggest queues.

This line can take 2 hours during spring break and holidays.

The lines get longer during the evening as only 750 people are allowed into the palace at a given time.

However, people who have booked their entry tickets early can skip the ticket counter line.

This helps them save 30 minutes of time.

Visitors with skip-the-line entrance tickets skip all the queues and enjoy VIP entrance.


1. How many entrances do the Alcazar of Seville have?

There are two Seville Alcazar entrances: the Puerta del Leon (Lion’s Gate) and Puerta Alcoba.

2. Which Alcazar Seville entrance do I choose?

Out of the two entrances, only Lion’s Gate entrance is open for visitors.

So all tourists planning to visit the Seville Alcazar should choose Lion’s Gate entrance.

3. Where is the Lion’s Gate entrance located?

The main Alcazar Seville entrance – Lion’s Gate- is east of Alcazar, opposite the Seville Cathedral. 

The Lion’s Gate entrance is at Plaza Virden de los Reyes. 

4. How do I get to the Lion’s Gate entrance?

If you take the tram or metro, reach the Puerta Jerez station. 

To reach Lion’s Gate entrance by bus, take bus numbers 03, 05 A2, C3, 21, 40 and 41.

Some of the best tickets to explore the Royal Alcazar of Seville are:

The Alcazar of Seville entry ticket: The simplest ticket to enter the Alcazar of Seville. 

Alcazar of Seville skip the line ticket: Enter the Alcazar of Seville without the hassle of queues. 

Alcazar of Seville skip the line and guide tour: Take a guided tour around the palace for a more informational and immersive experience.

Alcazar, Cathedral and Giralda Tower guided tour: Tour the 3 sights of Seville with one combo ticket.

Seville bike tour: Tour Seville on a bike and visit various attractions with a guide.

Seville pass: Gain entry to various attractions around the city with Seville Pass.

Seville City Sightseeing tour: Hop on a bus to tour the highlights of Seville.

Cadiz to Seville shore excursion: Hop off during the Cadiz river cruise to explore the shore of Seville and its attractions.

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