Andalusia Pass

Andalusia Pass

The Andalusia Pass is a multi-attraction travel card or ticket covering the three most popular tourist destinations in the Andalusian region of southern Spain.

This gives you entry to the top attractions of Seville, Granada and Córdoba. 

This pass ensures your entry to the three sites seamlessly and provides a 30% discount on individual entry tickets. 

What attractions does the Andalusia Pass cover?

The Andalusia Pass covers the most famous of the three attractions in Andalusia, Spain.

It includes city tours of Seville and Granda, exploring over 100 sites in both cities.

Here is the list of activities included in the pass:

  • Royal Alcázar of Seville: Skip The Line Entry Ticket
  • Alhambra, Nasrid Palaces, Alcazaba, Generalife, Palace of Charles V, Partal, and Alhambra Museum: Skip The Line Ticket
  • Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba: Guided Tour + Skip-the-line
  • City Tour of Seville and Granada

How Much Does the Andalusia Pass Cost?

The Andalusia Pass costs €62 for adults between 13 and 64 years. 

Senior citizens (65+ years) get a discounted price of €52.

Visitors of age 12 pay €28.

Children between eight and 11 years pay €14 and kids below seven years pay €7 for the Andalusia Pass. 

Adult ticket (13 to 64 years)€62
Senior Citizen ticket (65+ years) €52
Youth ticket (12 years) €28
Child ticket (8 to 11 years) €14
Infant ticket (up to 7 years) €7

How Does the Andalusia Pass Work? 

Andalusia Pass works exactly like any other online ticket. 

Once booked online, it gets delivered to your email. 

On the day of your visit, you can present it at the attractions included on the pass and enjoy entry. 

A multi-attraction pass like the Andalusia Pass provides discounted entry.

You get the pass at a discounted rate compared to buying individual entry or guided tour tickets for each.

The individual entry tickets to Royal Alcázar of Seville, Alhambra and guided tour for Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba in total cost €85 for adults (12+ years), €37 for youths and children.

When you purchase the Andalusia Pass, the cost for adult tickets reduces drastically to €62, €28 for children aged 12 years, and €7 for kids below 12.

So, if you plan it out carefully, you get the maximum benefit from the pass and enjoy a comfortable trip.

Why Should you get the Andalusia Pass?

With the Andalusia Pass, you get a simplified travel option to the most famous attractions in the Andalusian region of Spain.

Imagine booking one ticket, traveling to three different attractions, and roaming around the cities where they are located.

It provides a hassle-free experience, saving time and money to plan and execute it successfully with the best.

Covering the Andalusian region with priority and skip-the-line access to the attractions is also economical.

Additionally, you get the flexibility of dates and times whenever you want to book a particular attraction for the pass.

Therefore, buy the pass and explore the region’s history, heritage and culture with selective guided tours and an audio guide.

Who is the Andalusia Pass good for?

It is good to know which travelers would prefer buying the Andalusia Pass.

Culture enthusiasts: those interested in the region’s culture and history should buy this pass for an extensive visit to the three popular heritage places and historic towns in Spain.

First-time visitors: For those traveling for the first time, the pass is a great option for having a comfortable schedule with guided tours and audio guides throughout the trip.

Frequent Travelers: if you are traveling frequently and want a quick option that will save you time and money to buy tickets on each site, this pass is right for you.

Travelers with flexibility: are you among those travelers who want to move at your own pace and have the flexibility of date and time to visit your favorite destinations? 

Try this pass.

Budget-conscious travelers: The Andalusia pass is an excellent option for visiting the three famous tourist sites of Andalusia at a low cost. 

This pass takes care of it, providing priority access at a reasonable price.

Who is the Andalusia Pass not suitable for?

The Andalusia Pass may not be suitable for travelers with short time or who have pre-planned tours beforehand.

Even quick travelers who want to cover many attractions in one day will not be comfortable with this pass, as each attraction here takes time.

Tourists with limited interest in one specific attraction are also unsuitable for this pass.

Where can I buy the Andalusia Pass?

You can buy the Andalusia pass online.

Once you have decided on the places you want to go, go to the pass booking page and select the date and time individually for each attraction.

You can then choose the number of participants for the tour in various combinations and discounted rates for seniors, youths and children.

Once you choose it, double-check the booking summary before booking and paying.

Once you book with your preferred payment method, you will receive an instant email confirming your booking.

You must take a printout or keep it on your smartphone to show while you travel.

Things to Remember While Purchasing the Andalusia Pass

  • Review the list to make sure the sites on the pass list match your planned schedule and areas of interest. 
  • Be aware of the timings, closed days, peak hours and restrictions of each attraction before booking the time slot day to visit them.
  • Evaluate the pass price against the total cost of purchasing individual tickets for each attraction so that you benefit from the discount.
  • Check whether the pass offers extra perks, like guided tours, skip-the-line access, audio guides, transportation etc.
  • Purchasing online tickets gives travelers the flexibility and convenience of using their preferred e-tickets and not having to pick up tickets from the counters with queues.
  • We recommend that you book in advance as the popularity of the sites and economical pricing often lead to tickets selling out faster.


1. Which attractions are included in the Andalusia Pass?

The Andalusia Pass is a combo travel card that includes the three famous attractions of the Andalusian region in Spain.
They are the Royal Alcázar of Seville, the Alhambra and Nasrid Palaces of Granada and the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba.

2. What are the additional benefits I get with the Andalusia Pass?

The pass provides skip-the-line entry to the three attractions and an official guided tour of the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba.
You get multilingual audio guides and uninterrupted, free Seville and Granada city tours.

3. Are there any age-specific discounts available in Andalusia Pass?

There are separate passes for adults, seniors, youths and children.
Seniors, youths and children have discounted ticket prices compared to adults.

4. For public transit, how can I use my Andalusia Pass?

The Andalusia Pass does not include public transportation or give any discount.
However, you can show the pass to collect additional information while going from one place to another.